At Talara, what began as a passion for Australian native flora has evolved into a deeper appreciation and enjoyment of Australian Native herbs, foods, edible plants and fruits. We believe in sustainable, organic production of Australian native produce and are committed to sharing and promoting this incredible food source.

Salt Blends

Tea Blends

Dried Blends

“We acknowledge our first people’s food culture and embrace it as true Australian food culture. Our land, country, and all of its plants and animals have been managed for thousands of years by the original custodians and caretakers of Australia. It is to them that we pay our respects as we celebrate the incredible biodiversity of this land.”  

What We Do - Making Natives Mainstream

Australian family-owned and operated, our produce is grown and tenderly cared for at our small farm holding in rural Victoria. Working on just 5 acres, we believe that this allows us to deliver better, more flavourful and authentic produce.
Organically grown, hand-picked, air-dried and packaged with care, every product at Talara delivers a true taste of Australia and represents a genuine love of land and country. Our goal is to make Australian native cuisine accessible to all Australians and to support their use in mainstream menu creation and family meals.
Learning from our elders, past and present we recognise that for a people to flourish in such an old country for so many thousands of years is not only exceptional but a true testimony to their ability to listen, watch and have a wonderful balance between the environment and its people. Something that we at Talara acknowledge while continually striving to learn more.

Planting For Resilience

Our selection of Australian native plants is chosen for their ability to withstand the often harsh Australian weather while still providing an abundant harvest. We work to minimise the impact on the environment and aim to revegetate the land with native edibles endemic to our region.
Additionally, with Talara, you are also investing in sustainable methods of plant food production.
Sustainable planting and harvesting are essential to the ongoing ability of our ecosystem to not simply survive but to thrive.
These practices include not harvesting during flowering to ensure bees and insects can carry out pollination, leaving enough fruit for the animals and insects, and a continual focus on the improvement of our soil and waterways. Our entire process is unhurried and carried out with the utmost care and consideration of our natural environment.

When you purchase with us, you are supporting an Australian regional business, but most importantly, you are taking the step to embrace Australia’s culinary past, present and future.

Our Products

Salt Blends

Enjoy a uniquely Australian flavour with our Murray River Pink salt from North-West Victoria, blended together with our own Australian native herbs. Best served finely ground, this salt can be used as table salt in your favourite Talara Natives salt grinder or during cooking to add an outstanding flavour to any dish.

Tea Blends

We grow, collect and dry our own River Mint, Native Lemon Grass and Lemon Myrtle, employing sustainable practices and guaranteeing utmost quality. Our teas are packed full of natural antioxidants, which are an essential building block of a healthy immune system.

Choose from a river mint tea that delivers a fresh spearmint flavour, lemon myrtle, which offers a true lemon flavour or lemongrass which gives a subtle lemon flavour with more earthy tones.

Dried Herbs

All our native herbs are grown, collected and dried by hand using sustainable farming practices. Gently air-dried and packaged by hand, our dried herbs offer the utmost quality and unmatched flavour.

Choose from river mint, native thyme, native lemongrass, sea celery, lemon myrtle and saltbush. Use as a direct replacement to the more common herbs found in the supermarket or create and enjoy your own special blends.

Additional Offerings

As a boutique native nursery specialising in Australian native foods, the Talara Natives range also includes:

• Limited Australian native tube stock and plants.
• Native plants grown to order.
• Salt Bush tube stock for stock grazing and supplementary feed. Saltbush lends a unique flavour to the meat of stock animals.

Join Our Journey

If learning more about true Australian native food outside the stereotype of ‘bush tucker’ is something you are wanting to embrace, join us in our journey. We support indigenous businesses wherever possible. We are continually learning, growing, watching, tasting and listening while pursuing the balance between land and the community.

In the words of Australian author Bruce Pascoe:

“Throw yourself into these flavours and acknowledge the glorious fact that they come from your country, no other. This is the start of Australian cuisine. We are not a Vegemite sandwich, we are Australian. Let’s eat our country’s food.”