Specialising in Australian fruit, vegetables and herbs.

Talara is an Australian boutique plant nursery and dried herb producer. Founded in 2020 in northern Victoria. Attempting to grown a vegetable garden in our harsh climate reignited a very ingrained passion of mine to learn more about Australia’s native foods. This research then turned into frustration as I found it very difficult to find Australian fruits, vegetables and herbs……..anywhere. Not only as fresh produce and dried herbs but also as plants. This then lead to growing our own produce and a plant nursery with the mission to increase the availability and popularity of Australian fruits, vegetables and herbs in our community and gardens.

Our aim is to encourage our community to grow, eat and enjoy what we have here and change the stereotype of these foods from being “bush tucker” to being known and proudly thought of as “Australian foods” – enhance and own an Australian food culture.

So, please join us on our journey as we learn, create, grow, watch, taste, listen, and share all of the natural awesomeness that our country and her peoples have to teach us.

We pay respect to Australia’s First Nation peoples and are mindful of our duty to care for our country and to listen to the country and its people. Focusing on the balance of the land and the community is of great importance to us.

Bruce Pascoe is an amazing Australian author who is able to articulate my thoughts and feelings so much better than I can……….

Throw yourself into these flavours and acknowledge the glorious fact that they come from your country, no other. This is the start of an Australian cuisine. We are not a Vegemite sandwich, we are Australian. Let’s eat our country’s food.

Bruce Pascoe
Yuin man, Author
Quote from the Foreword of the amazing book, ‘Warndu Mai’ by Damien Coulthard and Rebecca Sullivan.